Discover the best time to enter the market

This information will help you to find when the best time to enter the market and get more profit on trading binary option you can try on demo account
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Opening: 21:00 GMT

Very low volatility, no spikes expected.

Popular trading :
Currency pairs with the AUD and NZD assets, as these are national currencies of countries in the Pacific region (eg, AUD/USD and NZD/USD).

Opening: 23:00 GMT

Average volatility, rising toward the closure of the session.

Popular trading :
Currency pairs with JPY; for example, USD/JPY or EUR/JPY. It is necessary to look to the European currencies, as the Asian market often sets the trend for the whole day for them.

Opening: 6:00 GMT (summer time),
7:00 GMT (winter time)

High volatility. The most important news comes out at 7:00 GMT until 12:00 GMT.

Popular trading :
Currency pairs with EUR, GBP and CHF assets; for example, EUR/USD or GBP/USD).

Opening: 12:00 GMT (summer time),
13:00 GMT (winter time)

High volatility. The most important news comes from 12:00 GMT until 14:00 GMT.

Popular trading :
Currency pairs with USD and CAD. Some traders try trading on cross-rates (for example, GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF).

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How trading with robot Iq Option

You can trade with robot on IQ Option
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If you not yet familiar to program your own robot just used robot already design by another traders before you try it you can test the robot with virtual money first. just used the robot with high Efficiency and you can check on tournament who is the winner on that tournament.

Click on the tournament tap and check the robot

Select the robot with high efficiency then test the robot you can set the assest, test period, Amount allocated for trading, and deal value if the result good you can try with  real account.
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Binary option strategy on IQ Option

There are a lot of people who are looking for  ways to make extra income and that is why you turn to binary  option trading for an answer.

That some of you heard that  binary option trading  as it is a easy way of making money from trading.
However binary option trading is not as simple as what it looks like.There is no way you can make money from binary option trading unless you have good strategy on hand.

I will give a simple way for you to know when the exact time to enter the market to buy Call or Put.
Look at this picture below How you can get a signal from MT4 that inform you the entry point.

Here is a result trading binary on IQ Option  with my strategy

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How to add indicator IQ Option platform

With indicator trading become more easy because we will know when the right time to open position.
to add indicator click on the left side look at the picture below:

Then you can see a lot of indicator that can add to your chart add Bollinger Band and CCI you can try another until you get with one that suitable to your trading system.

Then your chart will be like this pictures below.

So you will know when the best time to open posistion just follow the trend when the trend high buy Call and when the trend down buy put, you can try one of my strategy
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How start trading binary

Trading binary is simple way of trading you just predict the price will go up or down on Forex, Stock, Commodities and Index.

Just look on the chart and folow the trend if the trend ups buy Call
if the trend down Buy Put.

You can add indicator to help you analyse price movement add indicator Bollinger Band and CCI
Time frame 5 minute expired trading 1-2 minutes

Entry point Put
If the price go outside Bollinger Band upper line wait candle go inside Bollinger Band line and the candle red color open position Put because the price will go down.

Entry point Call
If the price go outside Bollinger Band lower line wait candle go inside Bollinger Band line and the candle green color open position Call because the price will go up.

You can add indicator CCI for confirmation.
Price go down line 100 buy Put.
Price go ups line -100 buy Call

You can try this strategy on demo account

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Trading end off the day binary option

Trading end off the day atau lebih dikenal dengan EOD adalah trading dengan expired waktu lebih lama yaitu 1 hari kita memprediksi apakah harga akan naik atau turun pada akhir bursa ditutup.

Sekarang kita coba trading dengan time frame daily karena saya lihat candlestick bearish engulfing pattern seperti gambar dibawah ini

Bearish engulfing pattern

Pola bearish engulfing adalah pola candle yang baru terlihat pada akhir up-trend. Pada gambar di atas, pola yang dibuat dapat kita lihat pada data dari dua candle terakhir. Candle pertama akan menggambarkan akhir dari tren yang terjadi. Anda perlu mencatat bahwa ukuran candle dapat bervariasi dan tidak berhubungan dengan pola itu sendiri.

Pada gambar diatas candle merah close di bawah candle hijau dan di konfirmasi dengan indicator CCI harga mulai bergerak turun dari garis 100 (overbought) tanda harga akan bergerak turun

Anda bisa mencoba dengan demo account trading binary

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