How trade bitcoin IQ Option

Now you can trade Bitcoin on IQ Option buy when the price low and close when the price higher there is no expired time so you can open the trade until you profit.
There are many option bitcoin like  a Dash, Ethereum,Litecoin and Ripple.
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Trading OTC when the market close on IQ Option

When the market close you still have a chance to trading on IQ Option I will shared how to setup indicator we used 3 indicator Bollinger Band, Fractal and CCI like pictures below

You can setup indicator Bollinger Band with period 20, CCI and Fractal set defauld time frame 5 minutes and expire time 2-3 minutes.
When the price go out up line bollinger prepare to open position Put after pinbar and for confirmation the price go down line 100 on CCI.

You can try this on demo account
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How withdraw from IQ Option

There are many alternative to withdraw your money from IQ Option such as :
Credit card, Netteller, Skrill, Webmoney, and wire tranfer

I usually used Skrill 
Because at this time Skrill have make a improvement on delivery it's only take 12 hour our money will received on our account previously the process take about 5 days.

If you have make a profit and want to withdraw your money  click icon on your profile select withdraw

Select Skrill and fill how much do you want to withdraw.

Trading binary with 30 minutes expired

Trading binary option with long expire time more safety than short term expire because if you trade with long term expired you still have a chance to cancel your order if your prediction wrong.
Now I will share how to set up a chart for trading with 30 minutes expired you can used chart from website freestockcharts

How to set up chart :
1. Make a horizontal line connect the highest and the lowest price with time frame 15 minutes
2. When the price touch the line more than 2 times this meas that is the support or resistance line.
3. Look at the candle pattern candle must have long tail than body usually call pinbar, this mean rejection happen on this position and wait reversal happen.
4. After next candle open below the close pinbar you can open position Put for 30 minutes expired

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Binary Trading Meaning

binary trading meaning

Binary trading meaning you only have 2 choice buy Call if you think the price will go ups or buy sell if you think the price will go down
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Simple strategy trading binary option

Trading binary only have two choice buy Call or buy Put so you have find the best time to enter the market strategy support resistance is the simple way to know when to trade.
The price not always going ups or going down they always touch the peak price and then go down you can analyze this moment with simple line make a line that connect the higher and lower price with time frame 15 minutes.
When the price touch that line prepare to open position after dodji pattern candlestick form
Open Call when touch lower line and open position Put when the price touch upper line you can watch picture below how to make support and resistance line.

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