Different way how to win trading binary option

1. Pinoccio Strategy
This strategy is used when estimates of a bounce or fall in asset prices are estimated. If the price is expected to increase, choose the call and if the price is estimated to fall, then select the put. You can practice it on the demo account given by the broker.

2. Streggle (bullish-slowdown) strategy
Or strategies, do the best work in such a situation, just before the important news related to uncertainty in the market and a stock specific, or when an analyst's estimates arise. This strategy is a trend in the trading community all over the world. In this strategy, the trader has to avoid both the call and put options, and both options are to be applied on the chosen assets.

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The idea behind this is that if the prices go up, put option should be used because such information or belief or indicates that prices will fall soon. When the prices start to fall then the call option is taken and it is expected that the prices will rise soon. This strategy is also used by taking calls on low cost assets and putting them on mounting assets. With this, opportunities for success in a trade option are greatly increased. Traders very much like taking this strategy in the market or in the case of continuous fluctuation in the price of an asset special.

3. Risk Rewrale Strategy
This strategy is very popular among experienced global binary traders. It focuses on reducing the risks associated with trading and raises the opportunities for successful outcomes, thereby increasing opportunities for profit. In this strategy, calls and put options are purchased simultaneously on one of the basic assets. This strategy is especially beneficial for trading assets with volatile prices. Naturally, there are two possible outcomes in binary options and trading on both the results guarantees the success of any one.

4. Hedging (rescue) strategy
This strategy is called strategy of making pairs in common language and is used by investors, corporations, traders etc. to reduce risks. In this strategy, call and put options are purchased at the same time for any single asset. With this the cost of the asset, whatever direction you go in, stay safe because because of any direction you will make a profit on that side. This is a kind of insurance for you.

5. Basic Fundamental Analysis
This strategy is adopted at stock trading and is especially used by traders who want to get a better understanding of their chosen assets / assets. This helps them to understand the future price changes and they can make their assumption more accurately. This analysis involves a thorough review of all the financial aspects of the company. Special attention is paid to income reports, market share and financial reports. From this review, the trader understands the past activity of the asset better and understands the changes in the affairs of certain financial or economic changes. From this review, the trader feels help in making strong estimates for future trading strategies in familiar situations. Note that by using a good binary trading robot you can leave the need for these steps almost completely.