Binary trading inspection Part-5

customer service
Customer support is very helpful and was great at solving issues, but we had some problems with customer service. There is no live chat option for any phone or customer service and we were surprised at this. This means there was no such way that one answer to a question or concern would be found in the timely manner.

Of course you allocate an account manager so that they can help you for any issues or concerns while using the site but they are not available 24/7 and many times you have to wait for a response. We think the IQ option is fine, but there is definitely room for improvement in this matter.

This is the site that will entice traders from America and Japan to trade on, but unfortunately the citizens of those countries can not trade on the IQ Option; This is the thing on which the site management would like to work in the future.

key features
There is a lot to like about the IQ Option Broker. Due to their very low minimum deposit, it enters the binary options market. Knowing that they are regulated by CySEC, this is a fair and respected site that can be trusted; It means peace of mind of your account holders because money is processed and kept in a European Union based bank account.

We liked his innovative and far-sighted learning tool. It is very unique and their highly useful demo account serves as a single account; Instead of being part of the regular trading platform The technical team enables this demo account to be more closely related to the actual business on the actual website, by facilitating the IQ Option. The interactive learning tool helps you to move faster than traditional learning tools in learning.

Conclusions / summary
Actually it is easy to know why the IQ Option has become so popular this much sooner. We are satisfied that he has created many of his users, his own web platform, to be brave and innovative enough to do business. We give high marks for the site which is quite confident in allowing regulation in its business practices.

They have come back with excellent customer support and high scores to show their commitment, with those who can make business successful with them and give them a positive business experience. Simply put, we allow this binary option broker to move forward and recommend any trader at any level of knowledge to try one. You definitely do not get disappointed, if you are.

The IQ Option has won us and impressed us.