Resolution Trading 2019

New Year is not only about presents, family reunions and warm wishes, it is also that time of the year when you give yourself a promise to improve yourself and get better over the next 12 months. 
Here is 5 Tips that you can follow to improve your skill trading in year 2019

1. Trading Journal

Start a trading journal. A trading journal is a collection of all relevant information on your deals — time you open and close them, market conditions, entry points, price movements, the outcome of the deal etc

2. Risk Management

Risk management is arguably the most important part of the trading process. As some traders say, you have to learn how to lose before you learn how to win. Risk management is a set of techniques that help traders cope with losses better. 

4. Trading Strategy

Develop and use three different trading strategies so you will find which one that is suitable with your personality.

5. Emotional Control

Learn to control your emotions. This is probably the hardest of all five. Emotions, no matter if positive or negative, distract you, make your choices less rational if you can control your emotion will make better result of your trading.